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HENRIE - Modern Metals & Contemporary Frescos

Cary Henrie has always been intrigued with the passage of time and memory.  Symbols, writings, music and underlying hints of world travel and art history sometimes are imprinted in the surfaces of Cary Henrie's paintings.  The overall impression is one of thoughtful calm and quiet.  With each painting, Cary spends hours layering his canvas with additive and subtractive methods: sanding, varnishing, molding, cracking and removing layers of acrylic paint and plaster.  The finishing glazes are in oil.  This highly textural process gives the works almost a sculptural quality, indeed, many collectors feel they are hanging almost an "artifact" or an "antique" on the wall that changes according to the day's light.  Although they look very substantial...Cary Henrie's paintings are actually quite light and easy to hang.

Green Art - In order to be more environmently friendly, Cary also has developed "Eco-Panels".  A composite of recycled materials using high density polymer insulation panels as a core backed by recycled wood, and the surface a unique fresco plaster.  It has been exciting to cut new shapes such as arches and broken edges virtually limitless in size and shape.

Collectors include: Whoopi Goldberg, Christy Walton of Walmart, Mrs. Fields of Mrs. Fields cookies and more.

Cary was born in 1961 in Utah where he currently resides with his family.  Cary studdied art at Pratt Institute in NY.