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Mars Lasar - Fine Art Photography

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 Mars Lasar

Mars Lasar explores his fine art photography skills using traditional photography and cutting edge computer technology. This requires equally specialized skills as a photographer and computer whiz. Mars says 'I have a good appreciation for light and composition, and naturally drawn to uniqueness. I'm happy if I can capture the original essence of the image seen by my eye, that's the true goal. This is how I see the world, colorful, whimsy and magnificent".

Born in Germany and raised in Sydney Australia, Mars is mostly known for his platinum award winning compositions in the music world. As a keyboardist and producer, he has worked with many well known artists and to date has over 30 of his own solo albums. His tv/film music can be heard on CSI, America's Most Wanted, Medium, 24, MTV, American Idol, to name just a few.

Influenced by his mother a classical artist, and her vast fine art book collection of modern and classical art. Lasar explains, “I first started hanging my large oil paintings in my high school in the 80’s when I was 14 years old. Over the years I continued to paint canvases and use the images for my music covers and many of those large pieces sold to friends and clients. Today my fascination with light and the natural world is as strong as ever, and I feel grateful to be able to create and exhibit my work in Napa Valley California where I now make my home.”

Mars’ unique dreamy and compelling style has touched many. His work hangs in homes and businesses throughout the Napa Valley where he lives. Mars exhibits his work in both large and small format. 

Custom design pieces for private estates and wineries available by special order. Our standard print mediums are high quality art papers, metal and canvas.