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Sue AVERELL - Urban Impressionism

Artist Sue Averell

Urban impressionist  Sue Averell attacks the canvas with passion and wild abandon.  Best known for her vibrantly painted ultra- textured abstracts, cityscapes, landscapes and florals Sue Averell paints outside of the box.  She even has a unique way of framing her originals by wiping her palette knife on the edge of the canvas allowing the paint to trickle down the sides.

Sue Averell was born in Ohio in 1957. She grew up in Carlsbad, California where she spent her childhood on the sandy beaches of southern California.

After attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA Sue worked in graphics. Averell eventually moved north to San Francisco where she opened a graphic design and illustration business. Between contracts Sue spent her time searching for her unique painting voice.

By 2009 Averell had gained an international following. Sue's paintings are displayed and collected world-wide, and are included in collections in London, Switzerland, France, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Canada and the United States.

Statement: "Color is the reason I paint. Color motivates me to explore a subject. Color is the word I always hear when someone views my work. I color."