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RSVP for a "Drink with Friends" - Pete Tillack & Gallery 1870

In all of lifes' BULL....find time for Drinks with Friends!

"Hey Mates!  Perhaps no year has been filled with more BULL...than 2020?  Between the pandemic, the fires, and the upcoming seems we haven't had a break.  In times such as these...never have we needed anything more than "Drinks with Friends" and never have we had to limit one of life's simplest pleasures."  - Pete Tillack

Join Pete Tillack & Gallery 1870 for a
"Drinks with Friends" event

Bring a mask and respect the social distance of others
Friday October 16th - 5:00 PM
Saturday, October 17th - 3:00 PM
Sunday, October 18th - 3:00 PM
Space is limited - You must RSVP to be included in this event

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View the story behind the original painting by Pete Tillack

Drinks with Friends

Drinks with Friends


See you at the Show!


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