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24 - 12 x 36" original oil on canvas artist framed

24 - 12 x 36" original oil on canvas artist framed

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24 - 12x36" original oil on canvas by Pete Tillack - SOLD

*This original has sold however this artist is available for commissions.  Please contact us for details on the commission process.

We all have 24 hours in the day.. and it is your choice how you wish to spend it. 
We are equal, but it is our prior experiences that change our choices, and some of those experiences we need to wash off, while other experiences we need to hold close to us as we learn from them and will grow and that is what will get us thru the constraints that we feel certain times of our lives….
There will always be many weeds in our pastures, you just have to figure out how to grow flowers in between them.
Symbolism in the Painting
The scale with clocks shows there is no balance, it is a sacrifice
The Mask from the Venetian Masquerade was worn to show we are all equal, the fact that it was the plague doctors  was because they used to fill  the nose with Lavender to cleanse the air from the plaque – Lavender came from the word ‘Lavare’ or to wash
The ribbon over the eyes is to be blind to societies constraints
Wings are to show that it is this muscle we need to grow in order to fly.

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