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Presence II

$ 695.00

Presence II by Robert Bissell features a bear surrounded by butterflies and flowers.

For many of us being in the presence of a truly wild and free animal is a profound experience that remains with us. In the preface of my book Hero- The Paintings of Robert Bissell, I wrote about the time I spent with a coyote: "The presence of the moment was unmistakable. We recognized each other as different beings in the same inexplicable world. This was the commonality between animals and humans that I had read about: that we are flesh and blood, separate, yet manifested as such by the same forces, which neither of us understand." - Robert Bissell

Presence II

Giclee on Canvas
Status:  Available

Small Works 20" x 12" | Edition of 150
Collector Edition 35" x 21" - Edition of 150
Artist Proof Hand-Enhanced 35 x 21 - Edition of 50
Deluxe Edition 45" x 27" - Edition of 75
Deluxe Hand-Enhanced Artist Proofs - Edition of 25
Luxury Edition 60" x 36" Artist Proof Hand-Enhanced - Edition of 50

The featured frame is our popular Bronze frame shown on 20 x 12" Small Works.

Robert Bissell is a retired artist and Bissell limited editions are selling out quickly.  Order today!

All prints use the Canvas Giclee process, which utilizes museum-quality, archival inks and canvas.  Additionally, a protective coating is applied to the surface of each canvas print.

All purchases are available for gallery exchange only within 30 days of purchase

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