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Work It 15x48" original oil on canvas artist framed

Work It 15x48" original oil on canvas artist framed

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"Work It" 15X48" Original Oil on Canvas - Artist Framed

"Life has many decisions, each one takes us in a different direction, some further off the track than expected…. (rows of vines)

We should not be forced into a decision (apple) and there is always a new day to either change or create a new plan (rooster) because even if we need help along the way, there are always friends and family to be supportive (tree)

Everyone has the same time in the day (clock) and there are those that sit and watch the clock tick by whilst others choose to work hard for their goals (tractor).  Life will always bring challenges...and those who persevere through them can often rise above the adversity (helium balloons).  Not everyone can achieve what they want in life, but it is like a muscle and sometimes the goals we reach are more substantial, but if we did not take that initial step, then at the end of the day… what really have you got to celebrate – (wine)"


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