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Golfer Bot

Golfer Bot

$ 125.00
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Bots are handmade by R. Nelson and are unique in variances and size.

This bot is approximately 14" tall by 7" wide. 

R. Nelson, an artist based in Northern California, specializes in crafting Found Metal Object Sculptures. These unique pieces are created using upcycled, recycled, and repurposed household and industrial items. Nelson's work highlights the beauty and potential of materials that are often considered waste, transforming them into striking and imaginative sculptures.

The process of creating these sculptures involves sourcing discarded metal objects, which can range from old tools and machinery parts to household appliances and scrap metal. Nelson then meticulously assembles these items, often welding or otherwise connecting them to form intricate and cohesive artworks. The end results are pieces that not only showcase the artist's creativity and skill but also promote environmental sustainability by giving new life to discarded materials.

Nelson's sculptures often reflect themes of industrial decay, environmental consciousness, and the intersection of man-made objects with natural forms. By using found objects, the artist imbues each piece with a sense of history and character, making each sculpture a unique reflection of the materials from which it is made.

Materials and Sources:

  • Found Metal Objects: Nelson's primary medium is metal, sourced from various discarded and recycled items. These can include anything from old machinery parts to kitchen utensils and automotive components.
  • Sustainability: Using recycled materials not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also gives each piece a unique history and character.

R. Nelson's found metal object sculptures offer a unique blend of creativity, sustainability, and industrial aesthetics. By transforming discarded materials into intricate works of art, Nelson not only creates visually compelling pieces but also invites viewers to see the potential for beauty in the overlooked and the discarded.

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