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BRADY - Kid Cube Master


Brady- Cube Master  

Brady was a numbers kid from an early age.  Before he graduated kindergarten and as soon as he could write and count numbers, he was graphing numbers in graph paper books and figuring equations and probabilities with little to no instruction all the while astonishing his parents, grandparents, teachers and more.

Brady has been taking advanced math classes since an early age and is now in the 7th grade in an accelerated math program testing at the top percentile.

At the age of 10, Brady was given a Rubik's cube as a Christmas gift and the rest is history. He quickly taught himself how to solve a cube and then he taught his older sister as well.  He has yet to teach his parents.  Today his record for solving a cube is 15 seconds and he continues to work at his personal best.  At a recent gallery show, Brady challenged the public to scramble his cube so he couldn't solve it in 30 seconds or less.  Hundreds attempted the scramble but only a few times was he unable to solve it in less than 30 seconds.  We are excited to have Brady, the youngest artist in our Gallery and we are encouraged by the amazing future ahead of him.

Brady is available to commission your design, words, logos, family photos, and more.  Contact us for more information on the commission process.