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Rare sculptures by FROGMAN

Tim Cotterill has become the biggest selling bronze artist in the world today with his elegant, stylized, whimsical bronze frogs and his passionate collectors span the globe.

Tim was born in Leicester, England, in 1950.

He left school at the age of 15 and began a 6 year electrical engineering apprenticeship, moving onto landscape design / construction and stone masonry after completing his apprenticeship.

Intrigued with metalworking and fast machines Tim started designing and building radical wheeled vehicles in his spare time. He found his peak interest in the design of welded steel animals and birds during the 1970’s.

His work was well received through private commission, exhibitions, galleries and Sotheby’s world renowned auction house in London.

Tim’s curiosity of the diverse lifestyles in California led to many trips to the USA, where his life sized one off welded steel owls, parrots, eagles and hawks were an instant hit at street art shows coast to coast. Over 380 original welded steel sculptures were created from 1972-1990.

Emigrating to California, USA in 1990 and living in a rented 4 car garage in Venice Beach he started designing his now famous bronze frogs. He quickly discovered everyone loved them.

Now years later and proudly an American citizen Tim resides in PARADISE, his own funky structure in an industrial area of Venice Beach, California, USA.

With over 200 limited edition bronze frog designs under his belt, Tim thought it was time to go back to his roots by introducing bird sculptures. The Aviary Collection is now available featuring Tim’s favorite birds: Owls, Parrots and King Fishers.