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Isabelle DUPUY - 3D Impressionism

Watch the video of recent artwork completed by Isabelle Dupuy available at Gallery 1870!

Isabelle Dupuy Biography

Isabelle Dupuy's artwork reflects her deep-rooted connection to the picturesque landscapes of Provence, where she was born in 1969 and spent her formative years immersed in the natural beauty of the French countryside.  Her early experiences in the lush countryside influenced her artistic direction profoundly, steering her towards a style that marries traditional Impressionist techniques with a modern flair.

Educated at Les Beaux Arts School in Valence, Dupuy honed her skills in a formal setting but retained a strong self-taught element to her development, demonstrating a robust individualistic streak in her approach to art. Her admiration for Claude Monet, a titan of Impressionism, is evident in her choice of subjects and her focus on the interplay of light and color, which are quintessential elements of the Impressionist movement.

Dupuy’s works frequently depict scenes close to her home country—expansive, open fields, vibrant skies, and dynamic hues that capture the essence of Provence. Her technique involves a dynamic use of color and texture, aiming to bring a sense of depth and emotion to traditional landscapes. This is further enhanced by her preference to extend her paintings over the edges of the canvas, breaking free from the confines of conventional framing, which allows her art to envelop the viewer in its atmosphere.

Her current artistic endeavors reflect a desire to evolve the Impressionist style by integrating contemporary techniques and perspectives, emphasizing bold, clear color applications achieved with a palette knife. This method not only enhances the visual impact of her work but also infuses it with a modern energy that resonates with contemporary audiences.

Ultimately, Isabelle Dupuy seeks to enrich the lives of her viewers by capturing and sharing the inherent beauty and warmth of nature. Her art is more than just a visual experience; it is an invitation to embrace joy and peace through the vibrant and serene landscapes she creates.