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Creativity - Sculpture by Mario Chiodo

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In the sculpture Creativity by Mario Chiodo the passionate soul of CREATIVITY reaches toward the heavens as she channels Divine illumination sparking ingenious inspiration and innovation.  She is a dynamic force of nature, transmitting brilliant ideas and unparalleled vision, like a powerful lightening rod harnessing the energy of the cosmos.

This sculpture is available to be cast in bronze or in resin and with different patina options.

  • Cast in bronze (approx. 120 lbs.)
  • Cast in resin (approx. 75 lbs.)
  • 34" tall by 19" wide by 6" deep
  • Hardwood or stone base included.  Hardwood or stone pedestal available for added fee.
  • Shipping and Delivery available

This sculpture is available in custom sizes and in different patinas.  Please contact us for more information on Creativity by Mario Chiodo.

Master Storyteller Through Art

From depictions of individuals who made history to mythical, magical figures, Mario Chiodo searches for the FINE ART in every commission he receives.

Mario Chiodo has been the designer and lead sculptor of his own diverse creative art business for over 40 years.  Beginning in the 1980’s, Chiodo entered the art world through the Halloween industry, quickly becoming a leading designer of seasonal wearables and décor, revolutionizing the industry with his enigmatic design.  Chiodo was granted licensing rights to create popular collectibles for major film studios such as Lucas Films, Warner Brothers, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Universal Studios.  This success resulted in Chiodo becoming a public company in the 1990’s expanding his position in the consumer product industry.

The Terminator by Mario Chiodo
Simultaneously, themed architecture was exploding in the 90’s and Chiodo received requests for site specific sculpture all over the country. Mario worked closely with the Harrah’s Corporation and was responsible for many of the spectacular themed projects in Las Vegas and New Orleans such as the massive History of Jazz exhibit.  Chiodo’s dynamic artworks have been commissioned for everything from themed restaurants, clubs, casinos, hotels, museum exhibits, a children’s theme park, and even Google headquarters. Chiodo was honored to be chosen to sculpt the founder of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, General Hubert Harmon.
In his own series of fine art, Chiodo reveals the personality and emotion of the historical figures he depicts. Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator – a sculpture that reveals the pain and exhaustion of the difficult decisions made by the 16th President – is in the collection of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chiodo’s storytelling depiction of Nelson Mandela, Victory over Apartheid, is in the collections of both Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Maya Angelou.

Inspired by the horrific events of 9/11, Chiodo shifted his focus to creating a monument with the power to unite people. Remember Them: Champions for Humanity was unveiled in September 2013 and is the largest bronze monument west of the Mississippi dedicated to human and civil rights. In December of 2012, Mario Chiodo spoke at the TEDx Conference in Napa Valley about the Remember Them Monument.
Chiodo continues to receive historical commissions such as a tribute to Harriet Tubman of the Underground Railroad in Wilmington, Delaware, and passionate memorial sculpture for a recently unearthed Civil War cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia.

Since relocating his studio to Napa Valley, California, Chiodo immersed himself in the themes of the wine country and created a series of fine art titled the Napa Valley Collection. He was hired by a private wine estate to sculpt The Four Seasons, which he rendered symbolically with evocative figures. The 150 Year Toast imagines a gathering of some of the anchors of the wine industry, and Farm to Table pays homage to the astounding culinary culture, agriculture, and wine pairing in the Napa Valley.  In reaction to the global angst, Chiodo transitioned his Fine Art to the exploration of the theatre of humanity and its connection to Source through a series of passionate angels that embody human emotions and characteristics in breathtaking gesture.

Recent commissions include a monument to the Legacy of Frederick Douglas for the Boston Public Art Commission, a nine-foot sculpture of the 14th Dalai Lama for his monastery in Ithica, NY, and a giant size sculpture of a famous movie character for Warner Brothers.  Chiodo is in development for new inspirational artwork that conveys history for an upcoming exhibit at the Supreme Court in San Francisco and a monument honoring women who have become leaders in the wine industry.

For the last 25 years, Chiodo art has offered internships at the studio targeting young art talent which he believes contributes to a better world.

Mario Chiodo - Artist Sculptor

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