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Should I Light A Match? - Limited Edition

$ 175.00
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Title: Should I Light A Match?
Artist: Patrick O'Rourke
Medium: Limited-Edition giclée on canvas
Original Medium: 28 x 22" Original Acrylic on canvas - SOLD
Style: Romantic Realism
Collection: From the "MOUSETERPIECE" Collection by Patrick O'Rourke

The mood is set with Silver Oak Cabernet wine, cheese and bread, but then someone cuts the cheese and asks...."Should I light A Match?"

Step into the enchanting world of Patrick O'Rourke with the limited edition giclée on canvas of "Should I Light A Match?" from O'Rourke's celebrated "Mouseterpiece" collection. This delightful artwork captures a whimsical moment of two charming mice enjoying an evening of indulgence, featuring the distinguished Napa Valley Silver Oak Wine.

The centerpiece of the scene is a bottle of Silver Oak Wine, renowned for its exquisite Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, beautifully rendered with meticulous detail. A glass of rich, red wine stands beside it, inviting viewers to join in the sophisticated revelry.

The true stars of this piece are the two endearing mice, depicted with expressive features and intricate detailing. One mouse, perched on a block of cheese, holds a miniature glass of wine, while the other, armed with a tiny knife, appears ready to "cut the cheese". Their playful interaction and the humorous title, "Should I Light A Match?" bring a sense of whimsy and curiosity to the scene.

O'Rourke's masterful use of color, light, and texture in this giclée on canvas creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that draws viewers into this cozy, miniature world. The high-quality giclée printing process ensures that every brushstroke and nuance of the original painting is faithfully reproduced, offering art lovers a chance to own a piece that closely mirrors the artist's original work.

Limited to a select number of prints, this giclée on canvas is a must-have for collectors, wine enthusiasts, and anyone with an appreciation for fine art and playful storytelling. Whether displayed in a kitchen, dining room, or wine cellar, it is sure to spark joy, conversation, and admiration from all who see it.

Celebrate the joy of fine wine, good food, and delightful company with Patrick O'Rourke's "Should I Light A Match?" – a timeless tribute to the finer things in life, brought to life with a touch of whimsy and charm. Secure your limited edition giclée on canvas today and bring a piece of this enchanting world into your home.

Featured Wine:
Silver Oak

This limited edition giclée on stretched canvas is available in the following sizes:

Limited Editions:
10 x 8" - Edition of 200
20 x 16" - Edition of 50
28 x 22" - Edition of 50

28 x 22" original acrylic - SOLD

How the Artwork Arrives

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