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Forty-Six & Two

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Forty-Six & Two canvas giclee print by Pete Tillack available framed and unframed.

This piece features an underwater tiger.

Symbolism behind the piece:

Inspired by a song that discussed the level of human growth where we potentially change from our current 46 chromosomes to 48 chromosomes, which allows a greater connection to our surroundings, yet the biggest thing that is holding us back is our fears… which in the song is represented by our shadows.

I realized that we are constantly being held back by our fears which I represent by the black cloth.
It is not draping off, but is wrapped around the arm. Our fears/concerns are what confine us.
We are all born with wings but our own personal walls constantly stop us from finding our full power and personal strengths holding us back from the metamorphose of finding a greater potential.
Challenges are there to help us build our intelligence, and flexibility is taught when moving away or up from failures and from this, we earn more TOOLs for life..... but there are those that choose to sit and wonder, yet not understand that the initial courage to jump in is the first step to learning to fly.
“Insecure delusions ………46 and 2 just ahead of me!”


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