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Transformation by Pete Tillack


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 Transformation by Pete Tilack


The Story of the Ugly Duckling.
Fitting-in and acceptance is a big thing, especially early in our lives as we believe that it means so much, and it is during this period that we are easily molded by our surroundings. 
But being part of the crowd can cause contentment! 
Personal growth benefits from a lot of the challenges that are faced from being different, becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is similar to strengthening that muscle by doing one more push up even when you feel you don’t have it in you.
That one light on the horizon that is guiding or that one star in the dead of night that is shining is what we are striving for.
We all have an idol we wish to be, as they are so unique or different but, a lot of those idols were chastised because they were not the norm until they made it the norm.

It is hard to find your full potential if you become complacent.



Artist Proof - artist enhanced Limited Editions

(plus frame 45x35") 
Edition of 15

(plus frame 35x29) 
Edition of 30



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