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Takayuki HARADA - Classical Master

Takayuki Harada was born, raised and educated in Tokyo, Japan and received his degree in Japanese Literature. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. However, he did not pursue his interest in oil painting with real seriousness until, when in his early thirties, he began to travel throughout Europe and the United States. As he visited the many major art museums and art galleries, he was deeply moved and inspired by the beauty of oil painting, especially those of the great masters. Thus began a life-long devotion to the art. At that time he understood very clearly that in order to master painting, he had to first study drawing seriously. For two years he studied only drawing, not working with paint at all during this time. Now his paintings contain accuracy through the academic drawing skills. He constantly searches for the academics, emotion, expression, and at-the moment-character of a scene. He believes every painting should have a fine balance of these components.

He is primarily a self taught artist; however, he took some lessons from Eugenia Erittchine who receives his formal education in the Russian schools of art; August Haboush, a well known artist and professor currently teaching in the Bay Area; and others.