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Tetiana YUKHIMETS - Classical Impressionism

Tania, (Tetiana) Yukhymets was born in Kiev, Ukraine.  After graduating from Kiev State Academy of Fine Arts, Tania spent years developing her own style of painting that has been influenced in large part by the French impressionists.  

In recent years, Tania Yukhymets has collaborated with her husband Slava Yasnopolsky (also from the Ukraine) to create unique three-dimensional art sculptures in "reverse perspective".  These optical illusions move with the viewer and trick the viewer to thinking they can move further into the painting.  Together, Tetiana Iukhymets and Slava Ysnopolsky create optical illusions under the artist name TISY (a combination of their initials).

With numerous commissions and countless works sold, Tania established herself as one of the most respected and collected artists in Eastern Europe.

1985-1993: Studied art at the Kiev State Academy Of Fine Arts.

2005-2010: Taught painting, drawing and composition at the Kiev State College Of Applied Arts.

In the fall of 2010 Tania moved to California where she continues to pursue her quest for beauty through art.