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Art Dedication Request

Some of our artists offer an original sketch and or a dedication to be included with the purchase of your Gallery 1870 fine art purchase.  This extra special personal touch from the artist is often only available when we are hosting an artist show but we always try to obtain a personalization for our customers when we can.  The dedication or personalization is from the artist to the collector.

Please complete the submission form on this page to request your art dedication.  If you need some ideas for your dedication...scroll down to the bottom of this page for additional ideas.

 Dedication Ideas:

Birthday dedication

Wedding/Anniversary dedication

New home dedications

Graduation dedications

"To celebrating the moments in life with the people who mean the most"

"Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile."

"To Napa Valley memories, past, present & future"

"To health, to love, to money and the time to enjoy it"

"Keep living the dream"

 "The best is yet to come"

"Cheers to a love that has lasted the test of time"