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DAVID MILLER - Artist Biography

David Miller - Windows to Paradise
David Miller is an internationally acclaimed      marine artist whose work has graced the covers of everything from greeting cards to jigsaw puzzles, but his best work has always been done on lexan and canvas. We can immerse ourselves in his artistic vision of the hidden frontier -- the undersea world of shipwrecks and marine life, his above the water scenes of lighthouses and tropical waterfalls, and his view of the colorful landscapes. David's talent as a colorist is exceptional. His extraordinary palette of colors is at once exotic, yet realistic of the habitat he paints.


Coupling his artistic talent with a degree in technical drafting, David began his career as a full-time artist in 1984, and received immediate recognition for his captivating marine subjects portrayed with unique depth and three-dimensional perspective. In pursuit of excellence, even the frames that surround his art are exceptional. They are exclusively produced and custom crafted by artisans at his studio under his supervision. Constructed individually and often formed with multiple frames, they feature hand wrapped linen liners and each frame is hand marbled by