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All the Marbles 48x36" Original Oil

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All The Marbles
oil on canvas
48 x 36"

*This original has sold but is available as an Artist Proof, artist enhanced limited edition canvas giclee print.  View the canvas print!

*This artist is available for commissions.  Please contact us for details on the commission process.

*Let us know how Pete Tillack could personalize this painting to tell your story.  Contact us to discuss a unique personalization.

Artist Statement about the piece:
"We all need a catalyst to make something happen.
One of the greatest stimulants is the feeling of discomfort as there is only a few that have enough self-motivation to get a kick start.
Don’t get too lost in a day dream, as the stories we tell ourselves can sometimes lead to useless thought patterns instead of creative ideas.
Not every napkin sketch will come to fruition, you need to allow yourself the creative power to envision the possibilities and work on the finer details of ‘how’ later, as sometimes it just takes an adventurous leap of faith.
If you want to go for all the marbles, you can’t waste too much time just sitting on a couch as procrastination and fear are the enemies of time and discipline!" - Tillack

Watch the video where the artist explains the symbolism in the painting at:

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