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Bear Cats - Limited-Edition

$ 765.00

Bear Cats

Step into a whimsical world of serene beauty with "Bear Cats," a limited edition giclée on canvas of the original oil painting by the renowned Imaginary Realism artist Robert Bissell. This enchanting piece captures the tranquil charm of a group of pandas, often referred to as "bear cats," peacefully gathered in a bamboo forest, partially submerged in water, with delicate butterflies fluttering around them.

The composition is rich with intricate details, showcasing the lush green bamboo stalks, the serene water reflections, and the gentle expressions of the pandas. The soft hues and harmonious balance of the natural elements create a sense of calm and wonder. Each panda, meticulously rendered with Bissell's masterful brushwork, exudes a personality that draws the viewer into their enchanting world.

Experience the whimsical charm and serene beauty of "Bear Cats." This limited edition piece is perfect for any living room, nursery, or space where a touch of playful elegance and natural wonder is desired. Whether you are a collector of fine art or a lover of wildlife, "Bear Cats" will inspire joy and tranquility, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the harmony of nature and the magical world of pandas. Let "Bear Cats" transform your space into a sanctuary of peace and imaginative beauty.

Artist Statement about the piece:
"When I first began painting panda bears this sketch was my idea for a first painting. Pandas are the universal symbol for the protection of animals and the World Wildlife Fund, and are known to challenge us before we enter their habitat to steal their resources. Due to the efforts and donations of many good people, pandas are now being protected from some of the human destruction of their habitat." ~ Robert Bissell

Limited Editions:

Mini - 11 x 16" - Limited-Edition of 100
Medium - 26 x 36" - Edition of 75
Large - 30 x 42" - Edition of 50

How the Art Arrives

*FRAMING: Framing elevates the presentation of a canvas giclée, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing its overall appeal allowing for additional customization to complement the artwork and suit various interior styles. As experienced framers of Robert Bissell artwork, we can help you select the perfect frame to enhance the piece and showcase it beautifully in your space. Contact us to be connected with a framing specialist!

*FREE SHIPPING ON ROLLED ARTWORK: Use promo code "ROLLWITHIT" for free shipping on artwork that ships rolled in a tube.

*We know you will love it!  However, this purchase is available for Gallery exchange within 30 days of purchase.

*The sale is final on all custom framed artwork.

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