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Believe by Pete Tillack

Believe 36x60" Original Oil

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Believe 36x60" original oil by Pete Tillack

"Any and all action requires inception in your deep subconscious.
There are many that like to live there life in comfort, without the fear of failure nipping at their heels...
BUT, there are those that will always want to strengthen their wings by jumping.
The thought of not at least attempting to reach for your aspirations can create the feeling of repetitive days with different character actors as you walk through it's familiar settings.
When the time comes to stand on the edge arises, you will need to spread your wings and never loose grip on the quintessential basics that guides us all as a society- Morality and Value, because this will taint any and all memory or legacies that will be left as a guiding mark to the next who wish to follow your path."


This original oil has sold...However this artist is available for commissions.

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Watch the analysis of the symbolism in this painting in the video below:

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