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Bull Market 48x54" original oil artist framed

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This original oil has sold...However this artist is available for commissions.

This original is available as an artist enhanced limited edition canvas print.

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48x54" original oil on canvas artist framed in artist made aluminum frame. 

This original painting features a herd of bison running down Wall Street in New York City.  Also featured are the sly fox and a black grand piano.

Artist Statement about Bull Market:

Integrity, equitability and trust has been lost in many parts of society.
Although we are surround by all this 'BULL', it is up to us to break away from the herd and fly high, where we can then use our wisdom to play by our own music,
rather than have our strings plucked by someone else!

Sometimes the Truth is too much and it has to be hidden!!!
Integrity, equitability and trust have all been lost with today's sources of news.
It only seems to be there to push agendas and create chaos of the social masses (herds) as it is easier to control an emotional based society.

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) once stated that "If you don't read the paper, your uniformed, but if your read the paper, your misinformed!"

Yet if you are able to fly high and see all that is there, then you can use the wisdom to play by your own music, rather then someone else plucking your strings!

- Tillack

(amendment - research Edward Bernays - 'Torches of Freedom' to understand this concept a little better)


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