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Manifest - 24x24" original oil on round panel

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MANIFEST - clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

24x24" original oil on round panel comes in artisan made circular tile frame.

The temple is yourself, there is light and darkness in life, you choose which one to focus on
some times you need to look into your own reflection for the truth -It is only you who knows if you are doing your best or if you have done right or wrong.
It is those that are persistent and constantly move forward that are always ready to find those opportunities as they come and go, but rarely do they stay if you don't grab them.

This bird can indicate that you have success, whether this is in worldly life or a spiritual kind of success, one that no one else knows about. Have you overcome obstacles or become awakened spiritually? You are certainly on the right path and traveling well. The cockatoo is free it can be seen as a messenger of light at the end of the tunnel for anyone who is lost in their own personal darkness.

Tigers move with confident strides, fully present in every movement.  The tiger reminds us that persistence is what is necessary in order to attain our goals.

The tiger acts as a powerful reminder of overcoming obstacles and fears by reclaiming our place of power. Tiger imagery represents the ability to manage strong emotions more effectively.

The boat represents that there are many out there that are paid to motivate you for their own needs, like the wind blowing a paper boat, but you need to control your own motivations.

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