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Miniature Oil Original #48

Miniature Oil Original #48

$ 295.00

In this evocative painting, the canvas becomes a window into a tranquil countryside vista. Above, a canopy of soft, billowing clouds drift across a canvas of baby blue sky, casting a gentle veil over the world below. Stretching from the foreground to the distant horizon, meticulously tended vineyards create a patchwork of lush greenery, each row a testament to the artistry of cultivation and the bounty of the land. Amidst this verdant tapestry stand two magnificent trees, their branches adorned with delicate pink blossoms that sway gracefully in the breeze. Against the backdrop of the sprawling vineyards, the trees command attention, their ethereal beauty a captivating contrast to the rustic landscape. Through masterful brushstrokes, TY captures the essence of springtime, inviting viewers to bask in the serenity of this idyllic scene. 

TY miniature original is a 3.5 x 5" original oil on board by Tetiana Yukhimets (TY)

This painting comes artist framed in a 7 x 8.5" gold leaf frame with easel back and wall hook.

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