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Miniature Oil Original #50

Miniature Oil Original #50

$ 295.00

In this captivating original acrylic, TY skillfully transports viewers to a tranquil countryside haven. A vast expanse of lush vineyards unfolds before the observer's eyes, each row of grapevines a testament to nature's bounty and the labor of love. Amidst this sea of greenery, a rustic barn emerges on the horizon, its weathered timbers bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. The barn stands as a silent sentinel, a humble yet enduring symbol of agricultural heritage against the backdrop of rolling hills cloaked in hues of smokey green and earthy brown. With meticulous brushwork, TY captures the interplay of light and shadow, infusing the scene with a sense of depth and serenity that beckons viewers to lose themselves in the timeless beauty of rural landscapes.

TY miniature original is a 3.5 x 5" original oil on board by Tetiana Yukhimets (TY)

This painting comes artist framed in a 7 x 8.5" gold leaf frame with easel back and wall hook.

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