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Miniature Oil Original #52

Miniature Oil Original #52

$ 295.00

In this enchanting painting, the canvas bursts forth with the vibrant beauty of springtime. Towering above the landscape, multiple majestic pink trees burst into full bloom, their delicate blossoms creating a symphony of color against the backdrop of rolling hills and vineyards. Each tree stands as a testament to the ephemeral splendor of nature, their graceful branches reaching skyward in a ballet of petals and leaves. Nestled amidst this floral wonderland, a tiny house lays hidden among the verdant vines and hillside, its presence a humble reminder of human habitation amidst the grandeur of the natural world. Nearby, a neighboring house stands slightly more visible, yet still playing second fiddle to the breathtaking beauty of the blossoming trees. Through meticulous brushwork, TY captures the essence of harmony between man and nature, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the timeless allure of this idyllic countryside scene.

TY miniature original is a 3.5 x 5" original oil on board by Tetiana Yukhimets (TY)

This painting comes artist framed in a 7 x 8.5" gold leaf frame with easel back and wall hook.

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