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Monsters 54 x 36" original oil in artists brushed aluminum specialty frame

Monsters 54 x 36" original oil in artists brushed aluminum specialty frame

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54 x 36" original oil
Symbolism behind Painting:

Monsters… the things that scare us...
There are many times moving into a new situation causes hesitancy thru fear.
Comfort is a hard thing to progress from, as we feel it gives us a security even if it does not satisfy all needs.
Yet for some there is an adventure for more, a desire for change that causes them to leave what they know, even though it could result in a more vulnerable state.
There is no growth without challenges, and it is hard to move forward when you’re surrounded by those not willing to acknowledge their true potential, or willing to sacrifice for better.
This may make the journey a little isolated at times, although this allows the gravitation towards those of similar mindsets as you progress, opening possibilities of showing even larger perspectives than originally imagined.
So when you reflect, if you had acted upon the fears of the first steps, you may never have learnt to fly, so now you embrace that familiar feeling of trepidation, and understanding the greater gifts it can provide are not just in physical form, but can come in self-worth which is hard value to be taken away                   Tillack

Watch the video where the artist explains the symbolism in the painting at:


54 x 36" original oil painting on canvas custom framed in artisan made heavy duty black aluminum frame.

Also available in an Artist enhanced Artist Proof editions on canvas.  View the limited editions.

*Pete Tillack is also available to commission

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