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Napa Valley Legacy - A Hint of Oak - 48x60" Original

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Napa Valley Legacy - A Hint of Oak 48x60" original acrylic by renowned Napa Valley artist Patrick O'Rourke might be the most textural painting O'Rourke has painted in his over 50 years of painting.  This painting features the Napa Valley vines with the shade of a glorious oak tree casting a canopy over the vines.  Are the vines the legacy of the Napa Valley or is it by chance the great oak?

This original painting has sold but it is available as a limited edition giclée on canvas.  View the canvas print.

This original painting has sold and is currently being enjoyed by a Legacy in his own right - Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Robert Kiyosaki in front of Patrick O'Rourke painting Napa Valley Legacy

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