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Napa Vineyards #35

Napa Vineyards #35

$ 695.00

In this stunning original piece, the canvas is alive with the vibrant colors of a tranquil countryside scene. The backdrop is dominated by a mesmerizing canvas of blue and purple hues, the sky a tapestry of twilight's embrace. Against this celestial backdrop, a symphony of orange flowers takes center stage in the foreground, their petals aglow with the last remnants of daylight. Amidst the verdant expanse of grassy vineyards, a winding pathway leads the eye towards a quaint orange house, its warm hues echoing the colors of the setting sun. Each brushstroke captures the essence of rural tranquility, inviting viewers to wander along the pathway and lose themselves in the timeless beauty of this idyllic countryside retreat.

TY miniature original is a 6 x 8" original oil on board by Tetiana Yukhimets (TY)

This painting comes artist framed in a 12 x 14" gold frame with wall hook for easy hanging.

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