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"Failure’ is thought of as such a taboo word…..
Society looks down on failure, but anyone who has reached or tasted success understands that they go hand in hand and you are usually walking close to the edge.
The higher the dreams, the further one can fall.
Sitting at the bottom of the pool drowns out everything, there’s a comfort and peacefulness that overcomes you, knowing that this is as far down as you can go and you’re OK. But, you don’t want to stay at the bottom, and when you come to terms with the fact you survived the fall, it is then that you have just opened up your limitations and are able to view the perspectives of your true goals.
You never learnt to walk without falling a few times……"   Tillack

Limited Editions:
30x40" - artist enhanced artist proof - edition of 15 framed in custom artist made moasiac tile frame symbolize pool tiles.
24x32" - limited edition of 30 - unframed

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Watch Pete Tillack discuss his painting "Perspective"...

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