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Season Finale original watercolor of the four seasons of wine and vines by Eric Christensen

Season Finale - Original Watercolor Quadriptych

$ 79,000.00


Original Watercolor quadriptych by Master Watercolor artist Eric Christensen.  Christensen has taken his watercolor masterpieces to the next level.

Each piece measures 23.5 high by 15 wide.

At Gallery 1870, we had known about the idea of the painting that Eric Christensen had nicknamed "The Four Seasons" for quite some time and we have been long anticipating this new release.  Now that it is finished...and appropriately named "Season Finale" this Christensen watercolor masterpiece is better than we could have imagined.

In "Season Finale" (released May 2018) Christensen has captured the four seasons of the vines...and each piece in the quadriptych represents a different season.

Pictured on this page "Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter" - but the order can be rearranged any which way the viewer prefers...and as individual diptychs, "Spring and Summer" are complimentary as well as "Winter and Fall".  Take each piece away from the other and you still have an amazing watercolor painting.  However, this amazing quadriptych is not sold separately.

Season Finale -  23.5x15" original watercolor

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