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The King Original Oil

The King Original Oil

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The King
oil on canvas
50 x 40"
Artist Statement about the piece:
"Everything around us is vying for our attention, scrambling to be noticed with means of fear, fun or financial endeavors.

The circus of flashing ads and catchy jingles are getting increasingly sophisticated, while understanding that our attention is short, but ever so precious, you may not see the value of it but others know its significance.
To have control of our focus, means we really have to become -  ‘The Master of Our Own Domain’!
There will always be a majority that are waiting for a sign to move forward, but only a few comprehend the lost momentum of waiting for something, rather than searching for a way to make it happen.
The harder you work, the more opportunities will arise, but the key is to keep your eyes open and constantly question as not everybody puts in the effort to learn to fly.
I used to use the analogy of the ‘Game of Chess’ to symbolize the road for life, but I have come to realize it is more like a game of poker… There is always the unplanned events or the essence of luck that needs to be factored in, however, if you rely exclusively on this element, your luck will burn out at some point."


Watch the video where the artist explains the symbolism in the painting at:


50 x 40" original oil

Artist enhanced Artist Proof editions on canvas
View the limited editions

50 x 40" - limited edition of 45
with specialty frame 56 x 46"

40 x 30" - limited edition of 95
with specialty frame 46 x 36"

30 x 24" - limited edition of 95
with frame - 35 x 29"

Edition total - 235

*This artist is available for commissions.  Please contact us for details on the commission process.

*Let us know how Pete Tillack could personalize this painting to tell your story.  Contact us to discuss a unique personalization.

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