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The Odyssey - Limited-Edition

$ 765.00

The Odyssey

Title: The Odyssey
Artist: Robert Bissell
Medium: Giclée on Canvas
Original Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas - SOLD
*This original piece has sold, however the artist is available for commissions!
Style: Imaginary Realism

Embark on a heartwarming and adventurous journey with Robert Bissell's "The Odyssey," a captivating piece of Imaginary Realism. This limited edition giclée on canvas is a stunning reproduction of Bissell's original oil painting, depicting a serene yet dynamic scene where a family of bears navigates a tranquil lake surrounded by majestic mountains. The mother bear serves as a steadfast vessel for her cubs, who ride on her back with a sense of curiosity and wonder, while other bears are seen swimming nearby, enjoying the calm waters under a gently glowing sky.

Bissell's exceptional skill in blending realism with imaginative elements is evident in the detailed rendering of the bears and the serene landscape. The painting captures a moment of familial bonding and exploration, evoking themes of protection, adventure, and the enduring beauty of nature. The soft light of the setting sun bathes the scene in warm, soothing tones, enhancing the sense of tranquility and togetherness.

Celebrate the beauty and emotional depth of Robert Bissell's "The Odyssey." Order your limited edition giclée today and bring home a piece of art that captures the essence of adventure, familial bonds, and the natural world's serene majesty, as envisioned by a masterful artist.

Artist Statement about the piece:

"As a sometimes very bored youngster I would always look forward to going somewhere. Especially if it was a family outing, I would imagine it as an adventure and knew that I would see things I had never seen before. At the end of the journey there would be a picnic, or some playtime and it was scary because you never know what would happen or if you would get into trouble. I have attempted to get a sense of expectation and trepidation into the faces of these figures that mimic the way I used to feel on those excursions." ~ Robert Bissell

Certified Art Giclée on Canvas

Limited Editions:

Mini - 12 x 16" - Limited-Edition of 100
Medium - 26 x 35" - Edition of 75
Large - 34 x 45" - Edition of 50

How the Art Arrives*FRAMING: Framing elevates the presentation of a canvas giclée, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing its overall appeal allowing for additional customization to complement the artwork and suit various interior styles. As experienced framers of Robert Bissell artwork, we can help you select the perfect frame to enhance the piece and showcase it beautifully in your space. Contact us to be connected with a framing specialist!

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*We know you will love it!  However, this purchase is available for Gallery exchange within 30 days of purchase.

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