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Mikki SENKARIK - A World of Happiness


Mikki Senkarik's colorful art, dancing between Impressionism and Realism, brings "A World of Happiness" to the viewer.  The exuberant style and vibrant color of Mikki Senkarik’s oil paintings mirror her personality. Young at heart and very energetic with the depth and craftsmanship of a very mature painter.

Senkarik’s original oil canvases include glorious edifices of inspirational missions along with her stunning garden and vineyard vistas.  Senkarik's Mediterranean, Tuscany and Caribbean landscapes and seascapes are breathtakingly unparalleled.  Mikki Senkarik is a master gardener and many of the flowers in her paintings are inspired from her own gardens.

Mikki Senkarik earned a BA from the University of South Florida and a Master of Science Degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia. This complete understanding of anatomy gives her the same technical background as the old masters. In less than 12 years, she had gone from doing a few filler sketches and layouts to illustrating over 47 major medical text books.  In her nine years as a medical illustrator Mikki was honored 5 times with the Award of Excellence by her peers.

The dream began as a small 9-year-old riding her first pony. Mikki’s eyes sparkle as she says, “It may sound strange but I would ride and imagine myself as a great artist.” Senkarik is one who has realized her dream all her life. She states,” It is very humbling to understand what my life’s path has prepared for me. Clearly, for the allotted time on earth, I will be painting statements of happiness, tranquility, sunlight and beauty.

Please EXPLORE AND ENJOY the World of Happiness Senkarik brings to canvas.