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All that is Glorious Around Us - New Release by Robert Bissell

Bissell Robert Bissell

All that is Glorious Around Us

All that is Glorious Around Us by Robert Bissell
Artist Statement about the piece:
"When I began this painting, I had imagined a simple setting on a mountain with not too much going on. As the painting progressed, I began thinking about roaming the fields as a small child and having "everything all around me all at once", a total immersion into nature, having grasses, flowers, and insects touching me. At first, this seemed overwhelming, but I soon realized I could look at the beauty of all this nature, up close. I observed things in intense detail and understood the world differently from that point in time. Many years later I became fascinated by the Romantic movement in art from the early nineteenth century when artists began using their imagination more, inspired by a new sensibility and emotional response to the natural world around us. The title of this painting is often attributed to a phrase from Emerson who suggested that humans honor and reciprocate that which nature gives us. It was then I decided to have the bear immersed in the fullness of the natural landscape." — Robert Bissell

New Release - March 1, 2024 by Robert Bissell

All that is Glorious Around Us oil painting by Robert Bissell features a bear surrounded by enchanting butterflies in in a meadow of wildflowers.  All that is Glorious Around Us is available as a limited edition giclée print on canvas in three different sizes.

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