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Get Hammered & Get Drilled! - Father's Day Special!

Drilled & Hammered are 11 x 14" original oil paintings on canvas by renowned Napa Valley Contemporary Realism artist Gail Chandler. This pair of artworks showcases vintage tools with exceptional detail and realism, highlighting Chandler's skill in capturing the essence of everyday objects.

Drilled & Hammered not only capture the functionality and beauty of vintage tools but also serve as a testament to Gail Chandler's prowess in contemporary realism. Whether bought individually or as a pair, "Drilled & Hammered" will make a unique and striking addition to any collection.

Drilled or Hammered original oil paintings are sold individually or as a pair with a special savings discount.  They each come on stretched canvas with black painted sides of the canvas.

Buy one...or save when you buy both.  Don't delay!  These original oil paintings might be gone faster than you can drill in a screw or hammer in a nail!

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