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Mouseterpieces - Let the Shenanigans Begin!

One of the most loveable things in our gallery are the series of whimsical mouse paintings by wine country artist Patrick O'Rourke.  

Let the Shenanigans Begin!

Mouseterpieces by Patrick O'Rourke

Patrick O'Rourke's
come to life at
Gallery 1870
after dark!

As soon as the gallery closes, our mischievous
mice go
by getting the night watch too tipsy to care!

Off the Clock Mouseterpiece by Patrick O'Rourke

Date Night Mouseterpiece by Patrick O'Rourke

This only leads to more shenanigans... starting with a romantic

But unfortunately, when one mouse cuts the cheese and the romantic moment is interrupted, it may be too late to suggest... "SHOULD I LIGHT A MATCH?"

Should I Light a Match

Should I Light a Match by Patrick O'Rourke

Before the guilty cheese cutter could light a match, "DATE NIGHT" was replaced by a 'GIRLS NIGHT OUT' with wine, sweets, and a chick flick!

Disappointed, the guilty mouse plops in his recliner with a beer and a wedge of cheese to watch Mouse Hunt but overhears his gal say to her best mice friend

I Drink Till He's Cute

Mouseterpiece by Patrick O'Rourke

Thus, sending the lonely cheese cutter off to his mouse cave to escape the shenanigans and to finish his next 'MOUSETERPIECE'

Of which he titles "CLAWED MONET"

Clawed Monet by Patrick O'Rourke

Pub Crawl mouseterpiece by Patrick O'Rourke

In celebration, the budding artist heads out on a
and ends up drinking Guinness with a leprechaun!

And these are the shenanigans one can expect at Gallery 1870
"WHEN THE CATS AWAY"... the mice will play!

When the Cat's Away by Patrick O'Rourke

 These loveable Mouseterpieces are available as Limited-Edition giclee on canvas.

Mouseterpiece Collection

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