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Floral Embrace - 24x30" original

$ 2,790.00
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Romantic Impressionism artist Mikki Senkarik creates a World of Happiness with the original oil painting Floral Embrace.  This painting features a courtyard with vibrant flowers, and an inviting turquoise door.  What's beyond the door?  The viewer can only imagine.

The image dimensions are 18x24", the outside dimensions with the Senkarik signature finish edge bring this piece to a 24x30".  

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Senkarik Signature Finish Edge

A Senkarik Original Oil Painting is finished in her own trademark style, applied on a 2” thick contemporary canvas with a border of approximately 3 inches on all sides. Smaller paintings are a bit narrower and large paintings have a wider finish. Senkarik employs a texture called Cryla, a heavy bodied acrylic. The Cryla “frame” simulates wood grain and is very easy to care for. Should you get a smudge, simply wash with Windex and a soft cloth.

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