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Rainey Olson - Romantic Impressionsim

Rainey Olson- romantic realism artist

Romantic Impressionist artist Rainey Olson is known for her windows, doors and other romantic landscapes.

Born in San Francisco Rainey Olson presently resides in the Sonoma County Northern California Wine Country. At a very early age she loved to draw and paint. At nine years she was given Jon Gray’s book on drawing and it intensified her desire to become an artist. Although she painted on her own for many years, it was not until she met Dutch trained artist Andre Andreoli that she became a serious artist. He was a great friend and inspiration to her as he encouraged and mentored her for five years.

Rainey was first very moved by Joseph William Turner and his striking depth of blended colors. Being introduced to the work of the impressionists had a definite influence and changed her style.  She has always been drawn to the charm of doors and windows surrounded by flowers, and Andre helped her combine her love for impressionists with the clarity of realism.  Her desire to express beauty and a sense of peace is realized in her works, which draws upon one’s imagination to experience their own story.