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Vaso Peritos, Interior Designer and Fine Artist designs in her signature European style—modern, elegant, sleek, and sophisticated.  But what makes Vaso’s work unique is the artist’s touch that she brings to her designs. 

 Walking into Vaso’s projects is like walking into a 2020 version of a Mondrian 3-dimensional work of art, rendered in a subtle color palette.  There are dynamic special relationships in the architectural lines throughout the space.  Her artful, imaginative, and creative eye is evident in the design throughout her projects.

 Vaso designs not your generic, everyday modern. The lighting, tile, and fixture selections are not only beautiful but also distinctive. Her uncommon juxtaposition use of color, texture, and pattern create drama throughout the space—from the use of burl shelves against a wine-colored wall in the entry to the kitchen and baths where the horizontal lines of wood are contrasted with the mesmerizing geometry of the floor tile and the solid bold color of the walls.

Not only is the quality of her designs undeniable but also her selection of only the best materials.  Cabinets, closets, tiles, countertops, etc., are sourced from European lines but also from local and the USA made skillful craftsmen’s.

 Vaso designs extraordinary homes that will one day become someone’s Shangri-La.