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Antwerp Sunshine 12 x 10" - original oil on panel

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Antwerp Sunshine - 12 x 10" Original oil on Panel - custom framed

Custom framed this piece measures approximately 22 x 20.5".

Ashot is a world-renowned artist currently in his early 70's. 

Ashot’s early development as an artist took place in Yerevan, Armenia.  He was recognized while still in high school by venerated elders as a young man with an extraordinary gift.  He painted his first commission piece at the age of 15.  Under the mentoring of Yervand Cotchard, a celebrated painter and sculptor who had been active in the Picasso and Leger’s artistic circle, Ashot gained artistic knowledge, technique and wisdom that influenced the direction of his career.  Cotchard was no friend of the Soviet authorities, and in this area, his advice was very useful, because it gave Ashot the strength to follow his natural inclination and resist membership in any of the official (i.e. Communist Party-affiliated) organizations that provided artists with whatever they needed: studios, commissions, exhibition opportunities, etc.  Instead, the path Ashot chose was the path of the pure, uncompromising artist who served only Art, relied entirely on his own skill, and refused to adapt his art to suit an ideology that did not respect his own aesthetic expertise.  In 1990 Ashot immigrated to the United States and later become a naturalized citizen. 

Ashot’s career primarily grew out of the San Francisco region with major shows in Los Angeles.  In 2005, Buckingham Palace acquired five of his paintings.  Then in 2006, as Queen Elizabeth the Second celebrated her 80th birthday, Buckingham Palace acquired another 13 works, including several impressive, large portraits of Her Majesty at the time of her Coronation, and of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

In August of 2005, Ashot introduced himself to the owner's of Gallery 1870 and presented his art collection.  A warm professional relationship immediately sprang up between the galleries.  At the present time, Gallery 1870 is the only gallery with whom Ashot currently displays his original art.

Portraitures by Ashot:  Archbishops, 45 museum-quality portraits, including one member of the Eisenhower Administration, Prince Michael of Kent acquired portrait of his mother for Kensington Palace, and, of course, the Queen Elizabeth the Second collection.

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