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Artist Tom Swearingen's Roses of Resilience - For the Bay Fire Relief Fund

Beloved Gallery 1870 artist Tom Swearingen considers himself among the lucky.  His home and family are safe after the devastation of the Northern California Fires, but his heart is hurting for the many who have lost so much.  He explained that "donating art is the least I can do."  Tom Swearingen has launched the Santa Rosa - Roses of Resilience campaign to raise as much money as he can for the North Bay Fire Relief Fund.

Tubbs Fire

A message from Tom Swearingen:

"Life has changed for most of Sonoma County (other places as well, but this is where I live).  I am painting to help those who lost everything.  Please help me help them.  Buy a rose painting for $95.  I promise that 100% of what you pay will be given to Redwood Credit Union's North Bay Fire Relief Fund.  I will make the donation in your name, or for any name your prefer.  Please share this with others.  I'd like to be kept busy for the next year by donating my time in creating something that represents our town, our resilience, and the beauty of the people who live here." 

Swearingen's Roses of Resilience

About the Roses of Resilience:

For only a small donation of $95, you will receive a 12" high by 6" wide by 1.5" deep, original oil painting on canvas of a single rose painted by the renowned Sonoma Valley artist Tom Swearingen.  Not only is $95 less than the retail price of an open edition canvas print by Swearingen, 100% of what you spend will go to the Redwood Credit Union North Bay Fire Relief Fund. In turn, 100% of what they receive goes to people in need.
Tom's heart is big, but his talent is greater.  This truly is an enormous gift of Tom's expertise, time, and resources.  Each rose will be unique.

In only 3 days, Tom Swearingen has raised $11,310.00 with the sale of 120 roses.  These donations have already been donated to the Redwood Credit Union's North Bay Fire Relief Fund.  It is Tom's Goal to paint 365 roses and raise $34,000 by painting a rose a day for the next year. 

Click here for more details or to purchase a "Rose of Resilience"

Follow Tom Swearingen's blog and learn more about the Roses of

 Tom Swearingen 

Artist Statement:

"My art focuses on various aspects of play, while challenging me to further develop my photo-realism skills with each painting. As a child, I spent a large portion of my time playing with friends, Legos, balls, games, and the list goes on. With a quick Internet search, you can find millions (7,010,000 a moment ago) of videos of animals at play. Yet, as an adult, I know I miss wonderful opportunities to play. I enjoy playing, and my art allows me to play more."

"Creating art that makes people smile and, perhaps, laugh, is my contribution to helping others, and me, remember to play. In a previous career, I witnessed the horrible things that people do to each other. I have seen people in pain, squalor, and the deepest emotional despair. Yet, in many of those situations, some of those same people were able to laugh, and even play."
"For me, play makes life better. I’d like to help make life better for others."
"In creating playful art, I have time to reflect on what play means to me. At the same time, I strive to improve my painting skills with each piece." 

Click here for more details or to purchase a "Rose of Resilience"



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  • Bennett Ewing on

    Amazing! Tom is such a great guy and an incredible painter. What an inspiring and impressive endeavor!

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