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Trick or Treat

On Saturday, September 28th, Gallery 1870 - FINE ART Napa had so much fun participating in the Downtown Napa Hometown Halloween Party in which we handed out boxes of Ghirardelli fine chocolate which was quite a hit!  We were so busy we almost ran out of chocolate!

Trick or Treating with the Mona Lisa at Gallery 1870 - FINE ART NAPA

A special thanks to the Louvre museum for loaning the Mona Lisa for our event and thankfully we only had one close call with a trick or treat would be art thief!  We will have the Mona Lisa on display through October 31st, 2023 after which we must return it to the safety and protection of the Louvre Museum.  Also, we would like to thank Ghirardelli Chocolate for donating fresh from the factory samples for the little Trick-or-Treaters to enjoy!

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