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Gallery 1870 - Original Art Spotlight - "Love is in the Air" by David Miller

Gallery 1870 Original
Gallery 1870 original art spotlight

Love is in the Air

30 x 48" Original Window to Paradise

 by David Miller

"Love is in the Air" Window to Paradise by David Miller comes in a patented unique shape that creates a three-dimensional view as if the window with a view actually exists.  "Love is in the Air" gets its name because it features the authentic Italian built "Castle of Love" located in California's Napa Valley - "Castello Di Amorosa".  With the addition of a hot air balloon..."Love is" definitely "in the Air".  David Miller's paintings are so three dimensional the viewer can only wonder if this is a dream or if they have really escaped to this dream destination?  The artist is able to create this 3-D effect by mounting the canvas to his special hand-made stretcher bars and by using a complex trompe l'oeil style of painting that showcases photographically realistic detail.

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