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Dyptich...Triptych...and Quadriptych

Northern California's master watercolor artist Christensen has taken his hyperrealistic watercolors to the next level again!  It is not enough for him to just paint a beyond photorealistic painting in one of the most difficult mediums which happens to be watercolor.  Instead Christensen continues to challenge himself and continues to show his collectors how talented he truly is. 

First there was the triptych (three)...."Estate of Bliss" - realeased in October 2009.  After it's release it didn't take long for this original watercolor to sell at the highest priced for a Christensen original to that date.  There was no sticker shock when it came to this piece...after all the proud owner of this painting essentially has three Christensen original watercolors.  Additionally, it did not take long for the Estate of Bliss limited editions to sell at a rate that took them quickly to the Eric Christensen Art best seller list.  Today, the Estate of Bliss limited edition canvas prints are almost completely sold out in all sizes and editions.

"A feast for the eyes and a feat of engineering describes Christensen’s first triptych.  According to Christensen, composing the piece so that each painting successfully carried the proper flow of motion, and then assembling the three pieces so that flow remained strong across all three was the most challenging part of this piece. Normally, he will start and finish one painting at a time. However, with this triptych it was required that he develop each piece simultaneously so that colors matched exactly and elements flowed perfectly. What is most amazing about this piece is that the three panels are designed to work side-by-side when hung horizontally, and top-to-bottom when hung vertically!" (Eric Christensen Art).
"Each of these wines comes from grapes grown on the estate – in combination with the abundant repast surely creates a “state of bliss”!" (Eric Christensen Art).

Estate of Bliss original watercolor triptych - SOLD
Limited Editions:
21x18" - Sold out in all editions
28x24"  - Sold out in all editions from the publisher but Gallery 1870 has two pieces of this size available.  Get it before it is too late.
42x36" - This triptych size is low in availability.

View pricing and availability of Estate of Bliss Now 

First There Was Three (Triptych)
And Then There Were Two (Diptych)...

After all the excitement over the release of the triptych "Estate of Bliss" Eric Christensen released his next multiple - "A Cake Walk" diptych which did not disappoint.  Like "Estate of Bliss", the original watercolor "A Cake Walk" sold rapidly and the print continues to top the Eric Christensen Art best seller list.

A Cake Walk diptych by watercolor artist Eric Christensen

A Cake Walk original watercolor - SOLD
Limited Editions:
21x18" - available at Gallery 1870
28x24"  - available at Gallery 1870
35x30" - available at Gallery 1870

View A Cakewalk Sizes and Prices Now 

From Three (Triptych) to Two (Diptych) to Four (Quadriptych)

At Gallery 1870, we had known about the idea of the painting that Eric Christensen had nicknamed "The Four Seasons" for quite some time and we have been long anticipating this new release.  Now that it is finished...and appropriately named "Season Finale" this Christensen watercolor masterpiece is better than we could have imagined.

In "Season Finale" (released May 2018) Christensen showcases the four seasons of vines and wines.  This four season quadriptych painting is pictured as "Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter" however, the viewer can hang the pieces in any order they choose.  With "Season Finale" each painting stands alone and connects to the proceeding and following seasons.  Now you can capture all your favorite seasons of the wine country in one painting.

Season Finale -  23.5x15" original watercolor - SOLD
Season Finale - limited editions:
23x15", 30x20", and 38x24"

View "Season Finale" limited editions sizes and prices now!


Watercolor Master Eric Christensen 
is coming to Gallery 1870
Saturday, May 5th & Sunday, May 6th 2018
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Eric Christensen Show at Gallery 1870 - May 5th and 6th 2018

"Season Finale" is a timely release with the upcoming Eric Christensen Homecoming Show on Saturday,  May 5th, and Sunday, May 6th, at Gallery 1870 in Yountville from 12:00 - 5:00 PM.  This is an opportunity to meet the artist and view a large collection of his works including "Estate of Bliss", "A Cake Walk" and "Season Finale".  Discover which piece is your favorite.

RSVP and attend the Eric Christensen Homecoming show Saturday May 5th or Sunday May 6th from 12:00 - 5:00 pm at Gallery 1870 in Yountville and receive the following:

  1. Gift Certificate With Eric Christensen art purchase to receive $50-$500 off your show purchase.
    Limit one gift certificate per household.  Some restrictions apply.  Contact us for details.
  2. Entry into a drawing for a framed Eric Christensen "Premier Tasting Collection" print.  See the "Premier Tasting Collection" print options below.
    Limit on entry per household.  One winner per show date.


Pre-order your Eric Christensen fine art today and receive a complimentary Eric Christensen "Premier Tasting Print of your choice and Eric Christensen will personalize the back of your original or limited edition fine art purchase.

Shop the Eric Christensen Collection

Premier Tasting Collection

RSVP Drawing Prize &
Your Gift with Christensen Art Purchase at Gallery 1870
Now through May 6th, 2018
Eric Christensen Premier Tasting Print - Christensen Show Gift With Purchase at Gallery 1870
Eric Christensen Premier Tasting Print - Christensen Show Gift With Purchase at Gallery 1870


See you at the Show!

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